Mod Definition

The mod definition file, well, defines the mod. It provides SuperBLT or BeardLib with the information it needs to properly load the mod you have created.

This portion of the guide covers creating defintion files for SuperBLT, also known as the mod.txt file. For BeardLib's mod.xml, see BeardLib

Barebones mod.txt

The mod.txt should be in the root of your mod folder for SuperBLT to find it.

It is in json formatting and will not load if incorrectly formatted

Here is an example of a very minimal mod.txt file:

        'blt_version' : 2,
        'name' : 'Disable Halloween Flashlights',
        'author' : 'theokrueger',
        'description' : 'Disables the annoying green halloween flashlight on all levels.',
        'version' : '1.2',
        'hooks' : [
                        'hook_id' : 'lib/units/weapons/weaponflashlight',
                        'script_path' : 'hooks/disable_hwn_flashlights.lua'


blt_version: not necessary in modern PAYDAY modding, but should be there anyways.

name: the name of the mod you wish to show up in your in-game mod list.

author: your name or username

description: a short description of what your mod does

version: the current version of the mod

hooks: a list containing every 'hook' you wish SuperBLT to perform. Each 'hook' is a table containing the source code file you are changing (hook_id) and the path to your code (script_path).

Advanced Parameters

updates: see automatic updates

contact: email, website, or social media for mod users to contact you on

priority: number indicating what point you want the mod to be loaded, relative to other mods.

dependencies: see dependencies

image: path (relative to your mod's folder) to a square image to show as the icon in the SuperBLT mod list

disable_safe_mode: TODO

undisableable: prevent users from disabling the mod in the SuperBLT mod list

is_library: TODO

For the complete functionality of everything listed, browse the SuperBLT basemod source code